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Creating the first samples using ceramic waste "snow", which was created by sinking aggregate in architectural concrete gave an extraordinary effect. I immediately associated it with a snowy painting. The effect was so interesting and surprising, and at the same time different from the average terrazzo, that we decided to start a joint brand and continue working on combining waste with concrete.

Grzegorz created his own recipe for BIEL using the best ingredients, and I tried to keep up with the needs of the market and our first orders.
BIEL challenges the current perception of concrete. Our material is technologically complex, yet beautiful in its simplicity. Architectural concrete known for its durability gives interiors power, but thanks to the porcelain aggregate we used, it does not overwhelm.

BIEL mosaic is a brand founded by me together with Grzegorz Piotrowicz, a concrete technologist, for people like us - professionals working at the intersection of art, craft and technology.

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