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Zofia Strumiłło is a co-founder and designer and Sławomir Sikorski also a co-founder are those who stand behind SPLOT.

They all belive that everlasting craft and quality are crucial elements of every item around us.This became a base to a mission of the brand: to tell a story of modern folklore - the one which belongs not only with rural cottages but also adds value to modern spaces.

SPLOT brand was born from the passion andweave of fortunate circumstances. One day twopeople, lovers of Podlachia wanted tomesmerize this multicultural region by theeastern border of Poland and tribute to the art,craft and vivid traditions of the local people.That is how SPLOT became to life.

After few months the time has come to reveal the very first collection - HIDDEN. This debut collection from the beginning was a success,- it got to the finals of the Dobry wzór competition. The collection was designed by Zofia Strumiłło-Sukiennik during the Design to dobre design process as part of the “Granty na dizajn” program. It was run by the Association of Industrial Design of Warmia and Mazury and financed from EU funds subsidized by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. This event happened to start our journey and allowed the Hidden collection to see the ray of day light. And now we want to show it to you.


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