Analogue Reflection

I am fascinated by the reflection of light. While observing reflections on snow, in windows or glass, I think about the potential of the reflective surface and its shape. The reflector I created is an analog answer to the standard reflectors usually found in lamps. I made it from paper pulp, so it is light, but durable. Its irregularity intensifies the reflective effect and gives the impression of an object from another planet or from another dimension.


Because the lamp is made of paper pulp, a material derived from waste, its edges may crumble slightly, which does not detract from the beauty of the product and is a conscious process. Due to the handmade nature of the lamp, its dimensions may differ slightly from those given in the specifications. Each lamp is handmade and different and may very from the photos.


Material: papier mâché, acrilic paint

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design consultations

I offer design consultations. I will advise you on how to create a brief  and identify where a brand or venture has untapped potential. I will carry out conceptual supervision of the project implementation.

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Design Concept

Design concept. This is the stage containing the idea of ​​the project. I often use references to culture, art, and some visual and musical phenomena. This procedure helps to embed the project and move in a specific direction. As part of the concept, you will receive a visual map of the project, preliminary spatial sketches, and key words describing the project. To facilitate work on the concept, prepare a design brief that will answer basic questions about the project and facilitate further work.