I create tailor-made objects and interiors.

Our surroundings affect our experiences and well being. Textures, colours and light define our world and the way we perceive it. I use these components to bring into being outstanding, emotive, and story rich projects.  

my studio

My space is a place for experiments.

Without experimentation, innovation and new concepts have no chance of occurring. I treat each project as a challenge and I find room for new thoughts, materials and "hands on" activities. Production experience has given me a lot of practical expertise, both within the domain of technology and materials, both of which constitute the basis and core of my activities.

rzemiosło projektowe

I value context, constraints, and possibilities. Constraints give me inspiration to find new paths to unconventional solutions. Possibilities are often hidden, and the right dose of close attention and observation leads to their uncovering and incorporation into the design task at hand.

Both traditional and contemporary craftsmanship is very dear to me. I believe not only in the power of human and robotic hands, but also that they can collaborate and not only compete.

I have worked for clients such as IKEA, Vox, Bausch and Lomb, Benson Elliot, Consiglio, Vox, Mikomax, MDD, Futu, UPC, Discovery, Canal plus, Shoot me. I am the co-creator of the following brands: Beza Projekt, SPLOT and BIEL.

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design consultations

I offer design consultations. I will advise you on how to create a brief  and identify where a brand or venture has untapped potential. I will carry out conceptual supervision of the project implementation.

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Design Concept

Design concept. This is the stage containing the idea of ​​the project. I often use references to culture, art, and some visual and musical phenomena. This procedure helps to embed the project and move in a specific direction. As part of the concept, you will receive a visual map of the project, preliminary spatial sketches, and key words describing the project. To facilitate work on the concept, prepare a design brief that will answer basic questions about the project and facilitate further work.