The project was aimed at transforming a standard "bar" into a space friendly to residents and the community of the community center.

The kitchen, which until now was a narrow, typical block "kiszka" was opened and moved to the center of the surface. In addition, a back room was created - a changing room for the stage adjacent to the cafe.

I gave the kitchen the form of an open island with the possibility of partial separation with curtains. The rest of the space is occupied by a café arrangement of tables and chairs. The WCK brief also included a place for a turntable, records and a place for information boards where residents could communicate with each other.

For the purpose of the project, I designed original ceramic tiles with decorations in the glazing technique using wax.


Investor: Wolskie Centrum Kultury

Cooperation: Agnieszka Ciechanowska and Tomek Korzewski.


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design consultations

I offer design consultations. I will advise you on how to create a brief  and identify where a brand or venture has untapped potential. I will carry out conceptual supervision of the project implementation.

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Design Concept

Design concept. This is the stage containing the idea of ​​the project. I often use references to culture, art, and some visual and musical phenomena. This procedure helps to embed the project and move in a specific direction. As part of the concept, you will receive a visual map of the project, preliminary spatial sketches, and key words describing the project. To facilitate work on the concept, prepare a design brief that will answer basic questions about the project and facilitate further work.