The stylistic inspiration for the project was the details and finish characteristic of the interior of the Japanese pagoda. It was important for us to move from one room to another and to emphasize it in the product, detail. Hence the rounded edge of the door and the friendly, round form of the door handles

This is a modular sliding door project made for the Reno company. The task was to create a wooden door packaged in such a way that anyone would be able to self assemble. This ambitious plan was put into place to save time and natural resources. The ecological aspect of the project was extremely important to the client.

The design scope also included support in the selection of material as well as the design of assembly solutions and product packages.

The resulting design includes 5 plates that you fix together, side bracing bars and a hidden sliding system.

An important element of the door characteristics is their personalization. The fairly universal aesthetics of the door gives the possibility of expanding the collection with new materials of the handle and door finishing, which we immediately used to offer the manufacturer an interesting material made of wood waste - Foresso.

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design consultations

I offer design consultations. I will advise you on how to create a brief  and identify where a brand or venture has untapped potential. I will carry out conceptual supervision of the project implementation.

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Design Concept

Design concept. This is the stage containing the idea of ​​the project. I often use references to culture, art, and some visual and musical phenomena. This procedure helps to embed the project and move in a specific direction. As part of the concept, you will receive a visual map of the project, preliminary spatial sketches, and key words describing the project. To facilitate work on the concept, prepare a design brief that will answer basic questions about the project and facilitate further work.