Several stories intertwine in the Weranda kilim. First of all, inspiration from Podlasie wooden verandas and Ukrainian craftsmanship are intertwined, the sensitivity of different generations is intertwined - the designer Zofia Strumiłło and the creator of the technical project - Zena Szulga. Contemporary aesthetics of glitch and the ancient medium of fabric intertwine, computer and loom intertwine.


After a moment of reflection, however, she realizes that both Podlasie and Ukraine understand the medium of kilim, that artists from different countries are connected by the language of art, that the loom and the computer have the same zero-one operating principle. Instead of opposites, we prefer to see connections, because weave connects.


Kilim Weranda measures 100 x 200 cm, which makes it ideal for hanging vertically or horizontally. It works well as a decoration in the living room above the sofa, headboard of the bed, background for the console or as a decoration at the head of the table. Saturated shades of cobalt and navy blue make it a strong accent in the interior, and natural materials make it durable for generations, a square meter of this fabric is created for a week of work of a certified weaver. The kilim was created in accordance with the clay weaving tradition on a cotton warp, and the weft is recycled wool from the Kowary factory, which thanks to this gain a new life.

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I offer design consultations. I will advise you on how to create a brief  and identify where a brand or venture has untapped potential. I will carry out conceptual supervision of the project implementation.

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Design concept. This is the stage containing the idea of ​​the project. I often use references to culture, art, and some visual and musical phenomena. This procedure helps to embed the project and move in a specific direction. As part of the concept, you will receive a visual map of the project, preliminary spatial sketches, and key words describing the project. To facilitate work on the concept, prepare a design brief that will answer basic questions about the project and facilitate further work.